Music education in Russia

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Who is Who in the RussSME

President of the RussSME  (Chair of the Board):

Alla Toropova, Ph. D., Professor, Head of the scientific-educational center "Psychology of art in education" of the UNESCO Chair "Musical art and education throughout life" at Moscow Pedagogical State University, Leading researcher of the Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Education.

Honorary President of the RussSME:

Valeri Brainin, President of the RussSME from 2004 to 2014, Director of the Department of Research, Development, and Training, Laboratory for New Technologies for Music Education, Moscow Pedagogical State University. Art Director of Brainin Scools of Music Non Profit Association (Germany).


Eduard Abdullin, Ph.D., Professor, Head of the Methodology and Methods of Music Teaching Chair, Moscow Pedagogical State University (1940-2020)

Chair of the Advisory Council:

Michael Roitershtein, Ph.D., Honored Art Worker of Russian Federation. Professor at Moscow Pedagogical State University. Member of the Composers Union of Russia.

Secretary General:

Svetlana Miroshnichenko, Ph. D., Professor, Head of the Department of Music and Performing Arts in the Moscow Pedagogical State University, Honored Artist of Russia.



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